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Somos um time formado por engenheiros, e por isso somos capazes de entender sua necessidade, e com isso criar soluções bem fundamentadas e ...

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Servers and Datacenter Plan

With our experience in data centers based on Linux infrastructure, we can help your company to ensure high availability by providing data center provisioning services and with that, we help you and your company to plan your datacenter and servers, ensuring a high level of availability, redundancy, backup routines, auditing policies, thus ensuring that your data is always accessible and risks mitigated.

24x7 Support

Infraestructure solutions for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ambients, as Data Centers, Call Centers, and Technical Areas

Network Infraestructure

CISCO environment and SDN (Software Defined Network) solutions for Medium and Large Networks.


Complete offer in the segment, with teams for Field Services, Help Desk, Service Desk, and Project Management


It´s our understand that your business must work properly, so it is important to count on partners aligned with your needs. So count with us to boost your business.


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Somos um time formado por engenheiros, e por isso somos capazes de entender sua necessidade, e com isso criar soluções bem fundamentadas e com metodologia baseado em protocolos e regras, para que assim seja possível ter uma solução completamente estruturada e com isso ganhar mais segurança e confiabilidade em seus serviços .

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Costumer Satisfaction

We only finish our jobs after the costumer´s total satisfaction

Structured Procedures

We work based on checklists, documentations and structured procedures, keeping a high SLA rating.

Focus on the Solution

We worrie about reduce your Downtime and optmize your tasks.

High Availability

We are always ready to assist you and guarantee the functionality of your services.



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